Stop the Overwhelm from Killing Your Business

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Do you often find yourself stuck in a cycle of procrastination, battling against overwhelming thoughts that hinder your productivity and progress? It’s time to break free from this cycle and reclaim control over your business journey!


Sign up for a transformative and empowering webinar: “Stop the overwhelm from killing your business.” In this dynamic session, we delve deep into the root causes of procrastination and overwhelm, helping you understand that it’s not your fault – but it is within your power to overcome these barriers.


Discover practical strategies and mindset shifts to combat overwhelm, reignite your motivation, and become the proactive entrepreneur you aspire to be. Learn how to harness your energy effectively and cultivate resilience in the face of challenges.


Led by Cornelia, this webinar promises to be a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for ambitious entrepreneurs like you. Say goodbye to paralysis by analysis and hello to a renewed sense of purpose and productivity!


Don’t let overwhelm hold you back from achieving your dreams. Sign up and take the first step towards a thriving and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey!


Stop doing busy work and start activating the inner brilliance

But how can you do this, when you have so many distractions? How many times you’ve said your going to scroll on social media just for a second, and a few hours later you realize you didn’t do much in your business? It didn’t sit right with you knowing you want to achieve some goals, right?


I was guilty of this too. Being a mom of 4 and running my online business was challenging. My go to “guilty pleasure” was scrolling on TikTok. In my head I had great arguments: I am learning so many new stuff, I deserve to disconnect from my duty from time to time, I can relax now.


And if you are like me, an entrepreneur who loves to learn new stuff and implement them, you know what I’m talking about.


Maybe you’ve tried so many ways to keep track with your goals: different apps on your phone, setting alarms to notify you your next task to do, to so lists rolled out around your office, your house, or your desk; and you ended up feeling more stressed, anxious, and less productive.

It’s time to take your power back and start to feel productive and energized so you can make more money and feel relaxed.


But how can you overcome this urge of opening your social media?


First, understanding that all the distractions, busy work, folding your laundry instead of being creative and focused in your business won’t help you achieve your desired goals.


Second, learn about the overwhelm and how it can ruin your inner brilliance (you’ll be shocked by the fact that not so many people see this issue – they blame themselves for not taking the steps to achieve their goals)


In this webinar you’ll learn about:

👉🏼 How overwhelm, stress, and anxiety can really dim the light inside of you making you less resourceful

👉🏼 The 3 aspects of overwhelm

👉🏼 You’ll also learn how to shift the energy around so you can be supercharged and focused


Let’s talk about brilliance for a second. Because maybe you’ll glaze your eyes and say into your head that you are not brilliant, that you are not so special. And I am here to tell, au contraire, mon ami! 


You see, we are all different human beings, and we all have a spark inside of us. And that is our inner genius!


Imagine the possibility of having a clear mind and energy so you can feel productive and proud of your work. At the same time to take care of your family, pets (if you are a pet lover), enjoy quality time with family and friends, and really feel relaxed and joyful.


Sign up for the Stop the Overwhelm From Killing Your Business webinar and start taking your power back.

Camelia Capitanu // Actress

When I came to you, I had an extremely big inner turmoil. I could

no longer see the joy in every day life, I could no longer find the strength to smile and see the beautiful side of myself and others. I was like in a storm at sea, in which I could no longer even find the strength to raise my line to the horizon, to look for a shore to head for.

Working with you, I went step by step, to the reason that had caused all this storm - it was not easy to discover, being hidden under many apparent reasons, but I managed to reach the emotion that had been crying in my soul since the time childhood, and which now made me look at life from that perspective.

The feeling after this discovery was overwhelming - first of awareness and joy that we had reached the source, and then of liberation, but through which the tears of a soul that had been crying in silence for a long time were also released.

And the path traveled then, towards this discovery, has remained as a guide for me, which I keep and refer to whenever I need to find my inner balance and support.

After this experience, I learned to accept and appreciate what I am.

Julie Davis // Health Coach

Before our sessions, I didn't understand why I was struggling so much with starting my own business.

During our sessions, I had more clarity. I realized that I was feeling depended on others, thinking that I needed other people to tell me what to do. Craving their approval.

I didn't trust my own instincts

I liked how Cornelia didn't judge me or had any hidden agenda. When she asked me questions, I felt like she had an open mind and allowed me the space and the freedom to answer them any way I wanted.

I wasn't afraid to open up. In fact, I felt empowered to do so. I felt EMPOWERED to make my own decisions and not to be so scared of what other people would think.

What I loved most working with Cornelia was her presence.

I felt like she was totally there for me, listening to me and reacting without judgement.