Money Activation Course

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This course is going to take you through 3 stages of money transformation:


You’ll learn what is blocking you from activating your money and what you need to do to shift that.

What you’ll get:

💜 3 videos where I talk about money, limiting beliefs, awareness, healing, and transformation

💜 3 workbooks that go along with the videos

💜 the opportunity to join the Activate the Thriver Within group program

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Camelia Capitanu // Actress

When I came to you, I had an extremely big inner turmoil. I could

no longer see the joy in every day life, I could no longer find the strength to smile and see the beautiful side of myself and others. I was like in a storm at sea, in which I could no longer even find the strength to raise my line to the horizon, to look for a shore to head for.

Working with you, I went step by step, to the reason that had caused all this storm - it was not easy to discover, being hidden under many apparent reasons, but I managed to reach the emotion that had been crying in my soul since the time childhood, and which now made me look at life from that perspective.

The feeling after this discovery was overwhelming - first of awareness and joy that we had reached the source, and then of liberation, but through which the tears of a soul that had been crying in silence for a long time were also released.

And the path traveled then, towards this discovery, has remained as a guide for me, which I keep and refer to whenever I need to find my inner balance and support.

After this experience, I learned to accept and appreciate what I am.

Julie Davis // Health Coach

Before our sessions, I didn't understand why I was struggling so much with starting my own business.

During our sessions, I had more clarity. I realized that I was feeling depended on others, thinking that I needed other people to tell me what to do. Craving their approval.

I didn't trust my own instincts

I liked how Cornelia didn't judge me or had any hidden agenda. When she asked me questions, I felt like she had an open mind and allowed me the space and the freedom to answer them any way I wanted.

I wasn't afraid to open up. In fact, I felt empowered to do so. I felt EMPOWERED to make my own decisions and not to be so scared of what other people would think.

What I loved most working with Cornelia was her presence.

I felt like she was totally there for me, listening to me and reacting without judgement.