Goals & Wealth Transformation Program

$ 1.500,00

CREATE the Lifestyle you deserve for 2022

BE the Ultimate Version of Yourself THIS YEAR

CLEAR Your Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage, and Breaking Unsupported Habits Wealth Reprogramming

Cultivate PERSISTENCE, RESILIENCE, and the WINNING MINDSET to see your Intentions Accomplished


    ✅  Get ABSOLUTE CLARITY on your goals and intentions for 2022.

    ✅  Create your unique GAME PLAN for 2022.

    ✅  TRAINING to rewire your mindset towards accomplishing the goals and fulfilling the intentions that are most important to you.

    ✅  CLEARING Limiting Beliefs that have been stopping you from wealth and success.

    ✅  BREAKING Self-Sabotage Patterns that are keeping you from moving forward.

    ✅  SHIFTING your baseline emotional state towards Wealth and Success.

In this program you will receive:

    👉🏼  6 x 90 min LIVE Goals and Wealth Transformation Calls including Coaching, Training, Clearing, and Re-programming ($2500 Value)

    👉🏼  A Private Facebook Group for Accountability group (PRICELESS)

    👉🏼  Regular FB lives each week from two different time zones to provide day time and night time breakthrough ($997 Value)

    👉🏼  Training on getting into Flow State at will to crush your goals. ($997 Value)


We REALLY want to see you crush your goals in 2022, and that’s why we’re throwing in $1700 in BONUSES to everyone who signs up for this offer before February 9th, 2022.


BONUS 1 🎇  Upgrade Your Money Blueprint ($397 value) – THIS BONUS EXPIRES ON FEBRUARY 5TH, 2022 – Uncover the hidden money blocks that you’ve been carrying since birth. Take off the negative charge so you can be free to manifest and recreate YOUR own Money Blueprint.

BONUS 2 🎇  From Overwhelm to Brilliance ($497 value). Live Session to shift the energy on the spot. Cornelia will guide you through some POWERFUL processes where you can identify what’s holding you back from moving forward with confidence, charisma, and energy.

BONUS 3 🎇  Boost Your Abundance ($297 value) – 7 audio files created to help you strengthen each chakra. These are powerful mantras that will help you change the energy so you can take inspired action. It will give you the boost you need during the day.

BONUS 4 🎇  Rewire For Wealth with Manoj V. – ($297 value)
Discover the hidden secrets between self-worth and money. Belief in one’s self can be radically shifted with different practices. In this video, we use tools of SRT, NLP, Frame Control, Anchoring, and more to dramatically shift states to magnetize wealth.

BONUS 5 🎇  Blocks to Giving and Receiving  ($197 value)
Uncover the subconscious blocks that come up the moment you give, the moment you ask, the moment you take, the moment you receive. These blocks bring major resistance to breakthrough and fulfill your intentions. In this video, we use SRT to clear some of these limiting beliefs.


THAT’S A COMBINED VALUE OF $4500 and over $1700 in FREE BONUSES.

This is a serious program for massive growth. If you are serious about making 2022 the most EPIC year, join us now!

Sign up for Only $1500/month.

FAST ACTION BONUS PRICE: $300/month available till February 10th, 2022.

Jenny Roberts

Life Coach

This technique has helped me identify fast and easy my clients' wounds and traumas that needed to be released from their bodies. I am so grateful I found this program.

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