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In this module, you are going to learn about muscle testing, different ways to muscle test and why is it beneficial to use this tool. Are you excited? Let's dive in!

In this training, you are going to learn: - What a trauma is - How you can heal a trauma - How to use the ERT technique to heal any trauma

In this session, Dana is discovering the clients wounds around why she is feeling stupid with intlligent men. The client had this issue for almost all her life, growing up with an intelligent father who used to make her stupid. Dana helped the client heal that wound in under 1 hour. Great job, Dana! Enjoy this lesson, and as always, write in the comments any aha's, wins, or questions. Happy to help!

Hello love, in this video, I am going through a list of sentences that will help you identify limiting beliefs and blocks to clear with ERT so you can achieve your goals faster.

About the Teacher

Cornelia Constantinescu

Hello, I'm Cornelia, your dedicated guide on the path to a life of prosperity and joy.

I lead women entrepreneurs who struggle to keep their business alive and desire a thriving business in an easy & fruitful way filled with clarity, passion, and self-love.

As a Transformational Money Mindset Coach, I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs to overcome their money blocks and embrace a more beautiful and stress-free life, filled with fast and lasting results.

My approach to coaching goes beyond conventional methods. I seamlessly blend powerful mindset work with transformative energy techniques.

I bring a unique set of skills to the table, equipping you with the tools needed to navigate the intricate landscape of your financial mindset so you can bring more money, love, and joy into your life.

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