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Hey there, I'm Cornelia Transformational Money Mindset Coach, and I can help you shift your mind and energy to thrive, prosper, and live a life you love.

You can go from struggling to thriving in just a few months.

For the past 15 years I've been helping people achieve their goals, their deepest desires, and more. I love learning and improving myself!

I am a mother of 4 kids and 3 pets (2 cats and a dog). My house is always full.

Even though I am a full time mom, I run my business smoothly from anywhere.

My mission in life is to bring awareness to people that we are here to live the best life possible. We deserve it!

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What they say

Cornelia's course gave me a fresh start with money.

I had been doing lots of work with finances for years.

Her work through tapping helped me gently wipe away negative emotions I had about money and more importantly about how I felt about myself with money.

All those emotions are gone and now I have a wonderful clean slate to work with and build on. I can choose the kind of relationship with money I want.

I am empowered and very kind to myself around money

Amanda Neil

Birth of Venus Coaching